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Indiabulls now provides the NEW EQUIPMENT in the Aerial Platform range. If you want to go higher, work faster & DO more. Check out our lift equipment range which will take you to new heights, helping you to conquer your challenges  with confidence. 

The present range of the machine we provide are Full electric Scissorlift from work height of 5.6 meter to 16 meter & RoughTerrain Scissorlift Range from 11.6 meter to 18 meter to cater all your need for project work 

A growing boom lineup features both Articulating & Telescopic Boomlifts. Our range includes Articulated  Boomlift upto working height of 17.7 meter and Telescopic Boomlift available upto 27.9 meter

From the latest access lifts to services, parts and technical support, Indiabulls makes sure you have what you need to get the job done.