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Motor Grader

Motor Grader

A motor grader, also known as a road grader is a construction machine which is used during the grading process. It has a long blade and helps in creating a flat surface. Motor Graders are vastly used in maintenance and construction of paved roads. Usually, they are used to prepare the base course to create a wide flat surface upon which to place the road surface. Prior to the construction of large buildings, graders are used in setting native soil or gravel foundation pads. They can produce inclined surfaces, to give ‘cant’ (camber or side slope) to roads. They are classified on the basis of a frame structure.

Our Motor Graders keep their reputation intact of offering world-class controls, advanced electronics, hydraulics, and optimum productivity.



  • High fuel-efficiency
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Exceptional ligging performance
  • Power shift transmission
  • Engine - CatR C7 ACERTTM
  • Power (in hp) - 145
  • Blade Length (in feet) - 12