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Mobile Boom Placer

Mobile Boom Placer

Be it common or modern designing; concrete is a crucial piece of any activity. Regardless of how difficult the errand, we have the arrangements you need to take care of the business. The Boom Placer is a decent investment for huge ventures like Metros, airport irrigation, and other skyscraper framework and land ventures. These gigantic machines aggravate the term of task fulfillment, diminish downtime and work costs.

Our Mobile Boom Placers allow quick setting-up by overcoming the cumbersome pipeline stacking.

Schwing Stetter


90 m3/hr capacity
  • Vector Control Sysem
  • Radio remote control System
  • Rock Valve
  • Hydrulic Circuit
  • Concrete Pressure - 85 bar
  • Strokes/min - 30
  • Boom floding system - 4 section
  • Reaching height 36m
  • Capacity :90 m3/hr



100 m3/hr capacity
  • Low unfloding height
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Non - skid platform
  • Grab Rails on both sides
  • Remote control with 40m cable
  • Night lamp and horn
  • Standard delivery line bends of 90° and 45° with extended
  • Collars for longer service life
  • Rubber collar at hopper
  • Concrete Pressure - 82 bar
  • Delivery line Pressure - 85 bar
  • Strokes/min - 28
  • Boom floding system - Z-Flod - 4 section
  • Reaching height 35.6m
  • Capacity :100 m3/hr