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Tower Crane - Liebherr 71ECB-5

Tower Crane - Liebherr 71ECB-5

Every major construction site requires Tower Cranes. They are used for civil construction and erection jobs. Bigger construction projects require Fixed Tower Cranes. Every construction crew uses tower cranes to lift a wide variety of building materials and tools.

At Indiabulls Store One, we are committed providing you with safe and cost-effective solutions. For every tower crane you rent, our team will be involved in planning and organizing the setup and take down of your rental.

Brand Model Features Specification
  • Used for lifting & shifting material economically and fast.
  • Max. hook height - 42.7 m
  • Max. lifting capacity - 5 t
  • Max. radius - 50.00 m
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius - 1,000 kg
  • Capacity : 5 Ton

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