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Platform - Goian GP 40

Platform - Goian GP 40

Mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) are the fast,convenient and cost effective alternative to scaffolding access in the construction industry.Mobile platforms that can move freely up and down a fixed mast, provide extremely flexible and efficient access to buildings of any height

Brand Model Features Specification
GP 40

It is replacing scaffolding and economical and time saving,safely.It is very easy to operate in high rise building for glazing,plastering and painting.

  • Lifting Speed Twin Mast
  • Max. platform length 6 m/min
  • Platform Width 29,56 m
  • Standard telescopic extension width 1,3 m
  • Max. telescopic extension width 1 m
  • Max. anchored height 1,5 m
  • Distance between anchores 150 m
  • Input power range 9 m
  • Capacity : 400V

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