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MCW Platform - Electroelsa EP 4130

MCW Platform - Electroelsa EP 4130

Mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) are the fast,convenient and cost effective alternative to scaffolding access in the construction industry.Mobile platforms that can move freely up and down a fixed mast, provide extremely flexible and efficient access to buildings of any height

Brand Model Features Specification
EP 4130
  • It is replacing scaffolding and economical and time saving,safely.
  • It is very easy to operate in high rise building for glazing,plastering and painting.
  • Lifting Speed Single Mast
  • Max. platform length 10,6 m/min
  • Platform Width 13,15 m
  • Standard telescopic extension width 1 m
  • Max. telescopic extension width 1 m
  • Max. anchored height 2,5 m
  • Distance between anchores 220 m
  • Input power range 9 m
  • Capacity : 380/415 V

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