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Why you need an organised machining partner for your projects?

Construction Equipment sector & scope

In a growing economy like India, there is a constant demand for development in infrastructure, housing and commercial spaces. Being the youngest country in the world means there are more people looking for homes and jobs than anywhere in the world. With the government pushing scheme like ‘Home for all’, ‘Smart City Mission’ and other such infrastructure driven projects, this sector is currently the largest receiver of FDI inflows. This is propelling the demand for construction and material handling equipment across the country. It is estimated that the Indian construction equipment market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% during 2019-2025. With development moving at a rapid pace, more and more companies are shifting from manual labour and have evolved to machines for their superior technology, speed, accuracy and consistency.

Unorganised Players

With the ever-increasing demand, supply is being offered from multiple quarters. Most of these are from highly unorganised and nascent individual or family run businesses. These vendors offer a very limited range of machines and do not cover the entire requirements of a large-scale project. These vendors purchase used machines at very low prices. These machines are often sold off after they have been decommissioned or devalued by the manufacturer. They also lack when it comes to routine maintenance of machines, skilled operators, anytime technical support, swift spare availability and quick machine replacement to ensure your project does not suffer delays. These delays affect the overall timeline of the project and can sometimes have catastrophic effects on the bottom line.

The need for organised players

No matter what the sector or industry, businesses always trust partners who are organised and can deliver to a clear set plan. Like clockwork, everything needs to fall in place on time to avoid unnecessary delays, cost escalations and unavoidable losses. A good machine can speed up processes, improve quality, deliver quantity and ensure safety of the crew. No wonder more and more companies are switching to organised machine suppliers like Indiabulls Store One. These organised suppliers offer top of the line machines, well maintained equipment, swift timely deliveries, robust technical support network, quick service plans, in short dependable partnerships.

Indiabulls Store One – machining India

Indiabulls Store One is India’s largest construction and infrastructure machine company, it offers machines on rent, used machines on sale and a range of new imported machines for sale. It is a one stop solution provider for any kind of project across any industry anywhere in India. With a fleet of 650 machines spanning equipment that can excavate for laying of the foundation to fitting of the façade, we are with you every step.
We also provide our techno-commercial capability to meet critical site demands in construction, so that every project-specific equipment need is addressed. When you rent machines from us we include complete operation and maintenance expenses and an experienced operating crew, who work within the norms of safety, environment and quality. The scheduled maintenance plans and extensive inventory backup ensure you get the maximum productivity for equipment rented through Indiabulls Store One. All our machinery meets international safety norms to ensure your operating crew and workers are unharmed. We have 6 yards located strategically across the country, meaning we can deliver the machine you need faster than anyone else. Our inventory is always stocked with spares, tools and accessories to get your machine up and running in case of a rare malfunction or stoppage.
When your bottom line depends on your performance, make sure you have machines that outperform. Connect with Indiabulls Store One for any of your machining needs and get a top of the line fleet of 650 machines, highly trained & skilled operators, professional service engineers, techno-commercial expertise and most of all peace of mind.

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