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What is the Difference between an Excavator and a Backhoe?

What is the Difference between an Excavator and a Backhoe?

An excavator and a backhoe are two very different pieces of equipment that are used in construction works. They are also the two most used equipment, and people are sometimes confused between the two. For this reason, it is very important that you know which is which, enabling you to buy or rent the right one when needed.

What is an excavator?

What is the Difference between an Excavator and a Backhoe?

An excavator is one of the largest equipment used in construction jobs. It comes in different sizes, and larger ones can weigh up to 90,000 kgs. It can dig up large chunks of dirt and mud, and carry them to long distances. The excavator can also rotate 360 degrees, so it can work more efficiently while digging up dirt. It comes with a boom and a bucket. These components work in unison to complete the circle of lifting and moving dirt. An excavator can be operated by a single driver. However, larger ones may come with seating space for two operators.

What is a backhoe?

What is the Difference between an Excavator and a Backhoe?

A backhoe, on average, is smaller than an excavator, but it is preferred because it is extremely useful. The versatility of a backhoe makes it one of the most commonly used equipment for construction jobs. This is heavy duty machinery that can weight up to 8,000 kgs. It can be rotated up to 200 degrees, and it is used for digging purposes. The boom, stick, and the bucket are placed on the front of the machine. The backhoe comes with a large bucket so that it can carry a huge amount of material at once, saving time. It can be easily operated by one person.

Where can they be used: excavator vs. backhoe

An excavator is primarily a landscaping tool. It is used to dig up huge trenches and holes. It is also used to lift and carry heavy tools. It can lift large objects and place them with precision. Another use of an excavator is that it can help you to demolish huge structures. An added advantage is that you can attach an auger or a grapple to it. This surely makes it a very flexible heavy-duty tool.

The backhoe basically does the same things as an excavator and can come with the same flexibility, but it is used for medium-duty digging and lifting jobs. Primarily, the backhoe is used in farms where dirt-digging is a regular job. It can also help with lifting and carrying farm tools.

Benefits and limitations of excavator & backhoe

Excavators and backhoes make it easy to dig up large holes and carry dirt and tools. However, an excavator requires regular maintenance, which is challenging because of its large size. It is also prone to transmission inefficiency under too high or too low temperatures. The backhoe has the disadvantage of speed. It works a bit slowly in comparison and may dysfunction if the weight limits are tested too much.

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