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Tips To Choose the Right Excavator for Your Construction Job

Tips To Choose the Right Excavator for Your Construction Job

Once you have made a successful bid and got your company a new construction project, it is now time to ensure that you have all the right construction equipment for the job. One of the most essential and standard heavy equipment that you will require is an excavator.

However, since there are different excavation equipment available in the market, choosing one can be confusing. You can either opt to purchase used excavators or a new one, depending on the money you have. In case you are still confused about which excavator is right for the job, this guide will help you choose one that meets your specific requirements.

Before you choose the excavation equipment, consider the site location and the kind of jobs you need to perform. From necessary digging, lifting, carrying, and other significant functions – the right excavator for your construction job will help you accomplish these tasks efficiently without any problem.

Here are some top specifications that will help you choose the right excavator for your construction job.

1. Engine Power

The excavation equipment that you choose needs to have a strong engine which will help you around the construction site and perform tasks without disruption. When browsing your options for an excavator, also consider the bore and piston strokes. These two things will help you compare the strength of different excavator equipment.

2. Operating Weight

When choosing an excavator, look for the maximum operating weight of the machine. This weight will supposedly cover the equipment, operator, and load options. You most certainly don’t want to end up choosing excavator equipment that is too heavy. Heavy-weighted excavators will end up damaging your construction site.

3. Size of the Machinery

Another essential specification to consider is the size of the excavator. Buy an excavator that fits in your construction site. Generally, the excavator sizes are based on tonnage (which is equivalent to their operating weight). As the tonnage increases, so will the break out force.

Also, excavators come in three different sizes, namely –

Mini (Compact)

They are typically the most mobile. The machine weighs around 5000 lbs to 7 tons. Mini excavators are used for small jobs with limited site space.


They are larger than 7-ton mini excavators but usually weigh below 45 tons. Excavators falling under this category are the most versatile ones and work well in any space. These are most commonly used in construction spaces.


They weigh nearly 80 tons and are purely used for heavy-duty industrial work. The machine will require a significant investment in the equipment and trailer to move it from one site to another.

It is, however, noteworthy that these are general categories, and the specifications are different for different manufacturers.

4. Bucket Capacity

Since the most common use for excavators is buckets, you have to consider the bucket capacity when choosing an excavator for your construction job. Browse for different types of buckets and its maximum capacity for different excavators available in the market.

Apart from the specification mentioned above, you must also consider certain features when choosing excavator equipment. These features mainly include –

  • Low emission engine
  • Low operation noise
  • Longer life undercarriage
  • Lifting capability
  • Big cross section boom
  • Reinforced guide frame

We believe that with the specifications above, you will be able to choose excavator equipment that is best suitable for your construction job. If you think you cannot invest in purchasing new excavation equipment, you can opt to buy used construction equipment. Thus, saving you some money for future use.

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