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How to Maintain Motor Graders for Finer Accuracy

How to Maintain Motor Graders for Finer Accuracy

With various underlying expressway projects, the construction industry is most certainly in demand. Moreover, with the smart city project, the government is undertaking tasks of building connecting roads in rural regions. Hence, the construction equipment sector is expected to prosper.

Previously, engineers more commonly used dozers for grading. However, due to the improved quality of the surface finish and faster grading process, the demand for motor graders has increased.

What are motor graders?

A motor grader, also known as a road grader, is essential construction machinery. Usually, motor grades have three axles – wherein the engine and cab are located above the rear axles at one end of the heavy machinery and the last axle at the front end of the machinery.

Motor graders have long adjustable blades and are considered to be the easy-to-use equipment in the construction field. Another unique feature of motor graders is the drive systems, namely – four-wheel drive system and front wheel drive system. Drive system is mainly used in rural areas to smoothen and clear the road surface.

For achieving specific grade results, you have to make sure that the turning circle and blade lift contact points are appropriately adjusted. Any improper adjustment will lead to some significant issues. Hence, maintaining motor graders for excellent accuracy is essential.

Wondering how you can do that? Here’s how you can maintain your motor grader.

1: Observe the circle and moldboard system

Some of the essential components to sustain in a motor grader are as follows

  • The circle and moldboard system
  • Circle wear insects
  • Cylinder ball joint shims
  • Moldboard cutting edges
  • Circle and pinion teeth
  • Moldboard pivot joint
  • Saddle assembly

Not appropriately maintaining these components can cause harm in the long run. Hence, it is highly recommended that at the end of the day, the turning circle, lift cylinders, and moldboard slide needs to be inspected for play.

2: Pay attention to the cutting edge

The cutting edge helps motor graders maintain its exceptional accuracy. Thus, you should replace it in case it is unevenly worn out. Cutting edges can also wear out irregularly from the middle and the corners, thus creating a rough surface.

It is, however, noteworthy that you should replace the cutting edge before it wears out on the moldboard bottom. The life expectancy of any cutting edge is dependent on how it is operated, blade down pressure, and how rough the material is.

3: Focus on the tires and drivetrain

The tires and drivetrain play a vital role in achieving fine accuracy. Different tire pressure impacts the ability of your motor grader to reach its final grade. Hence, all tires need to have equal pressure. Inconsistent tire pressure can affect traction and machine response.

On the other hand, the most crucial thing in the drivetrain is to have a selection of ratios in the working range of the machine.

4: Utilize the available technology

Nowadays, motor graders can be tailored for maximum productivity. Just having a basic understanding of the motor graders is not sufficient. Hence, you also need to understand the working of motor graders. Lack of knowledge can lead to more issues, further failing the machinery to accomplish its said purpose.

Purchasing high-quality motor grader equipment is essential. IB Store One offers motor graders with top-class controls, advanced electronics, hydraulics, and maximum productivity. Moreover, you can either choose to buy a new motor grader for your next project or rent it whenever necessary.

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