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Tips for Keeping the Motor Grader Blade Sharp

Tips for Keeping the Motor Grader Blade Sharp

To make sure that your motor grader is performing efficiently, keep a check on its blades. Motor grader (also known as road graders) is construction equipment and one of the essential construction machinery on-site.

In fact, there are two types of motor graders classified based on the structure and frame arrangement – Rigid Frame Motor Graders and Articulated Frame Motor Grader. Usually, the latter is primarily used on a significant scale.

However, the proper functioning of any motor grader is dependent on its blade (the condition and positioning). If the motor grader blade is worn out, it will make this heavy machinery under-productive and less reliable. This will further lead the motor grader to utilize more power for its edge, eventually increasing fuel costs.

Therefore, it is critical to keep the motor grader blade sharp. You can either take this responsibility upon yourself or hire a motor grader operator to handle it professionally. Just make sure that the operator has a complete understanding of blade protection.

If you happen to undertake this responsibility, here are a few tips that will help you keep the motor grader blade sharp.

1. Primary responsibility – keep the motor grader blade sharp

Since you are responsible for maintaining the sharpness of the motor grader blade, you need to have a basic understanding of how the module is used. The sharpness of the blade is essential for reducing the wear and tear of the motor grader.

Hence, make sure that you place the moldboard appropriately and use the necessary speed to avoid jolts.

2. Position the blade correctly

It is observed that quite a few guides online suggest keeping the moldboard leaning ahead to see the cutting edge. If you happen to come across such a suggestion, it is highly recommended that you avoid doing so as this will blunt the blade edges. All of this will eventually affect the grading process.

Also, ensure that you are occasionally changing the blade angle. Keeping the moldboard consistently ahead will wear out the blade from the front only. Thus, if you keep changing the blade angle often, it will wear out evenly.

3. Consider the speed

Smooth and slow handling of motor graders is known to avoid excessive wear and tear of the cutting edge. As a matter of fact, experts recommend maintaining a speed that is below 10kmph and should not be over 16kmph. On the other hand, make sure you avoid jolts as it will minimize the stress on the cutting edge. This will further prevent the damage of the other components in the grader.

In the end, make sure that you are replacing the blade whenever required. With the tips above, you can prevent the edge from losing its sharpness due to prolonged use. This will eliminate your burden of replacing the blade after every heavy-duty usage of the motor grader.

Keeping a check on the blade is very crucial for maintaining motor grader efficiency. Motor graders offered by IB Store One are of high-quality and very efficient. They are known to provide world-class controls, advanced electronic, and maximize productivity. Get your job done by either purchasing or renting a motor grader from IB Store One, right away!

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