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Types Of Dumpers Available In India

A dumper in a quarry

An essential construction equipment in India, the dumper truck is widely used in a number of industries such as mining, construction, etc. It aids in the transfer of bulk materials, which include stones, ballasts, gravels, concrete, demolition waste, sand, etc., on the construction site.

The heavy machinery uses a skip to carry a load of loose materials from one place to another before finally tipping it at the designated destination.

The various types of dumpers used as construction equipment are listed below-

1. Normal Dump Truck

A normal dump truck, also referred to as the standard tipper operates on hydraulic systems. These type of vehicles employ fluid pressure to generate power, which assists in the lifting process. Depending on this power capacity, normal dump trucks can vary in load capacity from the standard 10 to 15 tonnes to 35 to 40 tonnes.

2. Semi-trailer End Tipper Truck

The semi-trailer end tipper truck has a unique shape and design when it comes to the trailer and the dump body. These dumper trucks are equipped to carry a large amount of weight owing to the enormous load capacity.

This makes the semi-trailer end tipper trucks ideal for tough jobs. However, what makes these dumper trucks tricky is that they are less stable while dumping as compared to a standard dump truck.

3. Side Tipper Dump Truck

This type of dumper truck has the capacity to tilt to one side for depositing the load. It has one of the largest capacities of carrying the weight and can dump it the fastest. However, though it offers tipping safety, the considerable length of the side tipper truck hinders manoeuvrability. This makes side dumper trucks accessible only on sites, which have plenty of open space to aid in movement.

4. Transfer Dump Truck

This type of dumper employs movable cargo containers, which are attached to a separate trailer. The arrangement maximizes the capacity of carrying the load without compromising on manoeuvrability. An electric motor mounted on the tractor on wheels helps power the different containers.

5. Haul Dumper Truck

Haul trucks are one of the biggest dumper trucks available with a load capacity of over 400 tonnes. The huge size of this type of dumper truck is balanced on big, heavy-duty wheels that can withstand adverse weather conditions. These trucks are usually put to use off-highway for large-scale projects such as heavy dirt hauling and mining.

6. Bottom Dump or Belly Tipper Truck

Though not commonly used, this construction equipment is ideal for laying materials in the form of rows. What further adds to their uniqueness is that these trucks can operate in reverse and transport a considerable load of up to 28 tonnes.

7. Truck and pup

A truck and pup dumper truck operates on similar lines as that of a transfer dump truck. However, in this case, the dumper has a hydraulic ram of its own and can self-unload itself.

This attribute makes the truck and pup dumper trucks very efficient for use in construction sites.

Dumper trucks are available in different types of shapes and sizes to suit the specific job requirements of different sites. Therefore, to ensure efficient, smooth, and safe operation, opting for the ideal type of dumper that suits your needs is critical. A thorough and better understanding of the specifications and uses would thus help in making an informed decision and obtaining the best results.

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