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5 Essential Types of Heavy Construction Equipment Required for Mining Projects

Heavy Construction Equipment

In India, mining companies have been doing a remarkable job of consistently improving safety and risk governance standards. Undoubtedly, the expertise present within the industry will manage any emerging risk with equally determined manner.

Most mining businesses function in remote and inhospitable regions. Thus, with the underlying risks, the mining companies have to face a broader range of challenges now. These new challenges include climate change, ever-changing technology, and economic uncertainties. A secure supply of significant consumables like electricity, water, gas, and other fuels also tend to add more complications.

If you happen to be new in the mining industry, apart from considering the above challenges, you also have to take into consideration the types of equipment you will require for your projects. Have no idea where to start? Well, don’t worry!

Following are five heavy construction equipment that you will need for different mining projects.

1. Excavators

An excavator or hydraulics are heavy-duty construction equipment. They include a boom, dipper, bucket, and cab on a rotating platform known as the house. In the mining industry, excavators are used for surface mining activities. The large-sized excavator equipment is generally used in strip-mining operations. IB Storeone excavators are known to maximize performance, increase strength, efficiency, and productivity.

2. Dozers

A dozer is short for bulldozer – equipment with a significantly large metal plate (commonly known as a blade). This blade is used for pushing large quantities of raw materials in mining work. Also, the mining industry uses dozers for dismantling sturdy materials, which are otherwise very difficult.

Dozers are a quite powerful tracked piece of equipment, which further allows them to have an excellent grip on the ground. IB Storeone dozers are best-in-market as they provide technology for superior track power. Just what you require in the harsh territory of your mining site!

3. Motor Graders

A motor grader is commonly known as a road grader and is a kind of construction equipment used during the grading process. They are generally used in coal mining sites wherein men and material can move quickly. Due to rough grounds at mining sites, movement of men and material is a hassle.

Motor graders are used for creating temporary roads in your mining site so that the daily operations are carried out hassle-free. IB Storeone offers motor graders that have high-class controls, advanced electronics, hydraulics, and maximum productivity.

4. Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is used for managing rural development, waste management, landscaping, agriculture, and mining. In a mining project, it is often used for loading loose materials into another machine. IB Storeone offers wheel loaders that allow material handling and stacking employment secure, quick, and productive.

5. Diesel Generators

A diesel generator (DG) is nothing but a combination of a diesel engine along with the electrical generator. It is used primarily for generating electricity. Without a DG set, mining companies cannot effortlessly extract natural minerals. Thus the task takes much longer to accomplish. IB Storeone DG sets can be used to extract minerals efficiently, thus providing you will a lot of muscle, capacity, and stability in your mining project.

In India, there is an increasing demand for mining equipment. IB Storeone offers different heavy equipment that could be used for various construction projects. With these high-quality machines, the future of earth moving equipment surely looks bright.

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