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Construction equipment outside a factory

5 Essenntial Tips To Rent Construction Equipment

Heavy machinery forms an integral part of all construction jobs. While there is a unique construction equipment for each type of job, investing in one requires a considerable amount of capital. Therefore, as an alternative…

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Heavy Construction Equipment

Types of Heavy Machinery Used In Construction

Heavy machinery plays a critical role in the construction process. Each construction equipment is designed to serve a particular purpose and contributes positively to the final result. Therefore, efficient and effective means of increasing the…

A concrete pump on a construction site

Concrete Pump: A Go-To Guide

A concrete pump is a heavy machinery apparatus that is used for pumping and transferring liquid concrete. The construction equipment is ideal for fast transfer of concrete in construction sites, including the inaccessible ones. Using…

A dumper in a quarry

Types Of Dumpers Available In India

An essential construction equipment in India, the dumper truck is widely used in a number of industries such as mining, construction, etc. It aids in the transfer of bulk materials, which include stones, ballasts, gravels,…

Trucks on a Weighbridge

Weighbridge: A Basic Guide

A set of scales designed to weigh heavy, bulky items is called a weighbridge. This heavy machinery, construction equipment uses an Electronic or Digital monitor to display the readings of the vehicle being weighed. A…

Tips for Keeping the Motor Grader Blade Sharp

Tips for Keeping the Motor Grader Blade Sharp

To make sure that your motor grader is performing efficiently, keep a check on its blades. Motor grader (also known as road graders) is construction equipment and one of the essential construction machinery on-site. In…

How to Maintain Motor Graders for Finer Accuracy

How to Maintain Motor Graders for Finer Accuracy

With various underlying expressway projects, the construction industry is most certainly in demand. Moreover, with the smart city project, the government is undertaking tasks of building connecting roads in rural regions. Hence, the construction equipment…


Top 5 uses of a Dozer

The dozer, or bulldozer, is probably the most commonly known machine in the world. There are many uses of this machine, which makes it a valuable tool for the construction sector and many other heavy-duty…

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

How to Maximize your Heavy Machinery’s Life

Heavy machinery, especially the ones that are regularly heavy, often stop working without any warning. This is really problematic, because this may not only hinder any on-going project but also cost you a lot of…